Special Equipment

Specialty cargoes require purpose-designed solutions. Flexible Logistics Solutions has the experienced, certified drivers and specialized equipment needed to transport loads from A to B when there are complex requirements for service.

Hazmat transport

The unique planning, certifications, paperwork, and end-to-end management required for hazardous materials transport necessitate both special equipment and care. Trust Flexible Logistics Solutions to have solutions that make hazmat transport safer, easier, and fully compliant.

Dry vans

Dry van transport is the ideal solution when your cargo does not require climate control or other specialized features: it just needs to arrive safely and according to schedule. Our dry van freight transport rates are highly competitive and we have a wide range of options, including live bottom and deep drop loaders.

Reefer freight

Refrigerated trailers are the best solution for cargoes that require dedicated climate control, or cold chain loads that must be maintained at a specific temperature. All of our reefers have downloadable units that accurately and continuously track cargo temperatures. Cargoes that include food and produce, medical supplies, and sensitive valuables can all benefit from our reefer freight service. Share details about your transport needs and we can find a solution to match.

Expedited shipping

Flexible Logistics Solutions has special options available for 24-hour and expedited service. Our integrated tracking applications provide real-time updates to ensure accurate scheduling and on-time delivery. When you need time-sensitive loads to be delivered according to a precise schedule, our logistics managers can get them there quickly, safely, and with fewer hassles.

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